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Our Vision
Depletion of fossil fuels, rising energy prices and global warming are major challenges in recent years. Therefore, it is necessaryto shift to renewable and environmentally friendly energy sources that can supply energy continuously. We Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA) are promoting the introduction of renewable energy for the prevention of global warming and security of energy supply from the engineering and technical view point.
REPA has accumulated a vast amount of knowledges and experiences in this field, especially biomass energy application ( Small size of anaerobic Methane fermentation) .
We REPA believe our experience, practical measures ,technical know/how will contribute to reduce GHG and energy crisis and also contribute to international communication and exchange.
Nonprofit Organization
Renewable Energy Promotion Association (REPA)
1-38-5 Tomogaya Shibuya -ku Tokyo Japan 151-0063

April 2006
Chair man
@Vacant @
Representative Director
@Jiro Ozono
Vice Representative Director
@Minoru Okumura @
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กInvitation to REPA
REPA invite a person to join. We have three degrees of membership.
Official Member (Personal)
@Who has the right to vote
Membership fee
6,000 Japanese yen/year
General Member (Personal)
@Who has not the right to vote
Membership fee
3,000 Japanese yen/year
Supporting Company Member
@Who has not the right to vote
Membership fee
30,000 Japanese yen/year

@If you wish to join our REPA, please fill up the following form sheet and send to e-mail adress

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@If you have something to know, please contact us by e-mail. We are hard to respond to the anonymous     requests and questions.

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